Why the ‘Bully Hunters’ are Another Garbage Leftist Movement in Gaming

Do you remember getting bullies off your back during high school by getting someone else to tell them off anonymously? Neither do I.

Strange then, that this new movement in the world of gaming – the self-proclaimed ‘Bully Hunters’ – thinks that the way to help women ‘targeted’ by trolls in online video games is to join the victim and play their match for them, “eliminat[ing] the offenders from the game through the sheer force of their unmatched skill.” The movement is backed by the usual suspects – organisations with deep roots in the Left such as the National Organisation for Women, and the Diverse Gaming Coalition.

This wannabe group of online vigilantes are supposedly elite female gamers, who have grouped together to tackle this issue of bullying and harassment against females online. If this sounds ridiculous, it’s because it is. Take a look at the awfully scripted scenario they used here.

Bullying amongst the younger generation is an issue no doubt, especially in our social media dominated world today. However, the idea that the way to approach the issue is to coddle the supposed victim into a cocoon of victimhood and let a group of SJWs virtue signal by meaninglessly beating them in an online video game match, and that this in any way actually addresses the issue is laughable. It doesn’t take a genius to tell you that this will not only not discourage these ‘trolls’, but in fact give them more fuel for their actions.

On the topic of these trolls, who here actually believes that the so-called bullying or harassment in these video games is remotely comparable to actual bullying that occurs in real life or over social media? The way these games are set up, even if you play one match with a certain toxic player, you’ll likely never see them again for as long as you play – and if they are intent on continuing, just block them.

The biggest factor that makes bullying such an issue at schools is that fact you will most likely be in constant contact with the bully; even if you block them on Facebook, you’ll certainly see them in the corridor at school. This is not the case with these games. Plus, the statistics they use in their videos seem to be fabricated, as @PlatinumParagon, a mental health researcher on Twitter dug into:

The nature of this so-called bullying or harassment is plain dubious. They boldly claim on their website that “if you think harassment is just part of the game… we are coming for you“. Except to a large degree, it is just that. Sure the culture around gamers online is far from wholesome, but the idea that because some EliteKillaX14, who you have never seen again since, claimed to have engaged in unsavoury activities with members of your immediate family is remotely comparable to the persistent and targeted abuse that actual victims of bullying suffer is absurd.

In addition, the notion that this is somehow a female exclusive problem is plain false, as with any actual experience in-game, you would realise that the petty insults thrown over the voice chat hit pretty much everyone, and are actually nowhere near the hyperbolised threats of rape and such in the absurdly scripted clip above would tell you.

This brings us to singularly the biggest issue with these ‘Bully Hunters’. It does nothing to help the victims, or teach them how to cope and overcome these issues. If you can hold your head high through the bullying, or even better, deal with it on your own terms, you will come out a stronger, happier, more resilient person. This is not to say, of course, that bullying isn’t an issue that we should be investing in reducing.

However, to compare this to actual bullying is absurd, and to say the solution is to teach people to identify as a victim rather than learning to stand up for themselves and turning that victimhood into strength in the long term is the type of ‘victim card’ identity bullshit the Left loves. Of course, you’d expect them to spin this into a public decry of the ‘patriarchy’ in online video games in this clip.

In short, it’s another garbage movement based on garbage ideas. To suggest that the objectionable environment in these online games is remotely comparable to the targeted abuse individuals suffer is an egregious disservice to any actual victims of bullying. Finally, it seems like everyone has forgotten the key factor in this case – there’s a mute button.

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