The Memo, Weaponizing Intelligence

[Image Source: Getty / Andrew Burton]

On Thursday, Republican congressmen took to the media and Twitter, calling for the release of a classified intelligence memo on what is being described as extensive FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) abuse. The classified report, they say, will cripple the Russia Collusion investigation and remove people from government. The four-page memo has already been made available to House members to read behind closed doors, who have called it ‘absolutely shocking’.

One representative, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) took to Fox Business, where he claimed ‘critical allegations’ in the memo ‘go to the very foundations of our democracy.’ He added that ‘if the American people knew what was happening if they saw the contents of this memo, a lot would become clear about the information that I’ve been talking about the last several months.’

Rep. Matt Gaetz, along with other representatives, are calling for the immediate release of the memo to the public, which concerns the Department of Justice, the Obama-era FBI, and then-still-candidate Donald Trump, and the way the government ‘interacts with the duly-elected President of the United States.’ This would require leadership put on the floor a measure that would allow the release of the information, to be voted on.

Interestingly, Rep. Gaetz noted, that whilst all Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee had voted to make the memo available to members of the House, not a single Democrat did. He also added, ‘I think that this will not end just with firings. I believe there are people who will go to jail. You don’t get to try to undermine our country, undermine our elections, and then simply get fired.”

Connecting some obvious dots, it appears the memo regards FISA abuses by the Obama-era FBI on then-still-candidate Trump, based on the DNC-instructed opposite research ‘Steele-dossier’ compiled by Fusion GPS. If the memo is indeed a report on such activities, it holds grave implications for not only the politicization of the FBI – to ends of partisan political gain – but also it does indeed shake the foundations of the country to its core.

To intercept the communications, in other words spy on, a rival campaign based on a piece of opposition research paid for by a political campaign as evidence would have grave implications for the state of our country. No one is too keen to utter the words Watergate 2.0, but such findings would constitute a political and societal scandal that has rotted the Republic to its core. Indeed, such a revelation would perhaps be greater than the Watergate scandal, revealing the extent to which our key governmental agencies, tasked with our national security, safety and privacy of our citizens, have become ‘mired in partisanship and political corruption’, as Lee Smith of Tablet Magazine writes.

Regardless of where you stand in the political spectrum, transparency in the government is always important. It is essential therefore, that with such grave claims made by many congressmen already, that the document is released to the public for all to see – and this should be the imperative of the Republican leadership.

To get involved in the discussion, head onto Twitter, where #ReleaseTheMemo is currently trending with 1.2M tweets.

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