Sex Allegations, the Left’s New Weapon

[Photo Credit: Ray Stubblebine / REUTERS]

Addition [DEC 14, 2017] – Republican State Rep. Dan Johnson has claimed his own life after being targeted by sexual misconduct allegations. No charges were filed over the allegations, and Johnson had repeatedly denied them. A full article can be found on Independent Journal Review.

On Monday, former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly revealed he has heard a tape that captures an ‘anti-Trump’ attorney offering a woman $200,000 to accuse the President of sexual misconduct. Should the tape exist, which O’Reilly alleges it does, it reveals an insidious and evil side of the Left’s new tactics to bring down conservatives at any cost.

O’Reilly also claims the tape’s existence is known to the President, and is dismayed at Trump’s apparent decision to not act on the issue as it would ‘change the whole discussion if it ever gets out.’ Since Trump’s run for office, some 19 women have accused the President of sexual misconduct, and were able to make a huge dent in the momentum of the Trump campaign during the lead up to the election. Trump has denied all allegations to date.

Bill O’Reilly himself is not a stranger to such accusations, and they were what ultimately cost him his position at Fox News. Bill O’Reilly has also vehemently denied the allegations levied against him.

The existence of such a tape would be ground shattering in the political arena, although with the death grip leftist mainstream media has on the circulation of information right now it is hard to know if it will ever surface – nor whether it would be paid the due diligence it deserves. Similarly large cases such as the Uranium One deal, the Fusion GPS Dossier, and heavy bias in the Mueller investigation have been largely ignored by mainstream media, who appear to prefer on more important issues such as the President’s Diet Coke habits.

Assuming the tape does indeed exist, the Left has found an effective bludgeon to take down conservatives and Republicans who pose a threat to their agenda. While they were unsuccessful in stopping Trump from taking the White House, allegations singlehandedly destroyed Republican Roy Moore’s bid for the Alabaman senate seat, reducing the Republican majority to a single seat.

The biggest issue with this is the visceral and emotional response such allegations elicit. Absolutely, sexual abuse is a disgusting and repulsive crime. However, the issue with these allegations is that’s all they are – allegations. The assumption of innocence until proven guilty has seemingly evaporated recently, unsurprisingly due to the Left. The due process of law has become synonymous with misogyny, victim-blaming and rape-enabling; to ask for evidence is now an attack on the ‘victim’, not a matter of fair procedure. It’s a disturbing sign that such tactics, if not in employ already, are extremely effective – and are certainly not below some people in today’s political scene.

In the face of such accusations, some crumble under pressure early. Others try to hold on, but are relentlessly pounded hounded by the media until they break apart. All of this without a single shred of evidence usually. If this tape does exist, it would not only prove the existence of such a devious political weapon and allow progress to destroy it, but also hopefully safeguard all people from unfounded allegations, and a restoration of the rule of law, both of which have become a serious problem in our society.


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